Alma Public Schools


As we continue to grow as a community school, we will look at the needs of our students and make decisions with their best interests in mind.


Alma Public Schools mission is to: 

  • Provide quality learning experiences,
  • Maximize students’ individual potential for learning, and 
  • Provide a supportive atmosphere in which students learn the skills to contribute positively in society.


  1. All students are individual learners and the task of our schools is to provide an environment that promotes educational success. 
  2. A healthy and safe environment is essential for learning. 
  3. Positive relationships and self-image are important to successful teaching and learning. 
  4. Treating others with respect and dignity is important to the learning process. 
  5. For learning to be successful, the experiences provided to our students should have the proper rigor and relevance. 
  6. Decisions must be based on sound educational research and best practices.


To see the full Alma Public Schools Strategic Plan, click here.