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Meal Accounts 

For your convenience and for speed at the check-out counter, families are encouraged to prepay for student meals.  Meal accounts are set-up for all Alma Public Schools students.  If the student qualifies for reduced-price or full-price school meals, deposits may be made into the meal accounts at any time.

New Meal Standards

In January, 2012 USDA's regulations for meal patterns were changed significantly, reflecting the latest scientific research and promoting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  You may notice that this school year there is a new emphasis on a variety of colorful vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh fruits.  Flavored milk will always be fat-free. 

Students will be required to select at least 1/2 cup fruit or vegetable with their lunch and with their breakfast, or else pay a higher price.  Your school foodservice understands that it wll take some time to adjust to this change in regulations, and we will do our best to coach students so that they do not exceed the price of the lunch parents expect to pay.

The National PTA has prepared an easy-to-understand brochure regarding these changes.  You may view it here: Parent's Guide to the National School Lunch Program PDF Document