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YOU are invited to be a part of the District Wellness Committee!  Parents, students, agency representatives, and school staff are encouraged to participate in our on-going efforts to improve the health environment of Alma Public Schools.  Your input is needed!

Wellness Committee PDF Document

Meeting dates and times for the 2015-2016 school year will be determined in the fall, 2015.

Alma Public Schools Wellness Policy

Other information that may be of interest to you with regards to Alma Public Schools' efforts to promote healthy lifestyle choices:

Nutrition Tidbit, June, 2015

Nutrition Tidbit, May, 2015

Nutrition Tidbit, April, 2015

Nutrition Tidbit, March, 2015 

Nutrition Tidbit- February, 2015

Nutrition Tidbit- January, 2015

Nutrition Tidbit- December, 2014

Slowing Down to Eat and Feel Better PDF Document

Nutrition Tidbit- November, 2014

Nutrition Tidbit- October, 2014

Nutrition Tidbit, September, 2014

Nutrition Tidbit, August, 2014 

Nutrition Tidbit- July, 2014

Nutrition Tidbit- June, 2014

Nutrition Tidbit- May, 2014

Nutrition Tidbit- April, 2014

Nutrition Tidbit- March, 2014

Nutrition Tidbit- February, 2014

Nutrition Tidbit- January, 2014

Nutrition Tidbit- December, 2013

Nutrition Tidbit- November, 2013 

Nutrition Tidbit- October, 2013

Nutrition Tidbit- September, 2013

Nutrition Tidbit- June, 2013

Nutrition Tidbit- May, 2013

Nutrition Tidbit- April, 2013 

Dig in!- English versionPDF Document

Dig in!- Spanish versionPDF Document

Got Your Dairy Today? PDF Document

Michigan Nutrition Standards PDF Document

Spirit Bags- Concern PDF Document

Spirit Bags- Suggestions PDF Document

Nutrition Standards- General Information for Families PDF Document

Nutrition Standards- Birthdays PDF Document

Nutrition Standards-Rewards PDF Document

Nutrition Standards- Parties PDF Document

Nutrition Standards- Fundraising PDF Document

Alma Public Schools Local Wellness Policy PDF Document

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