January is School Board Recognition Month and Alma Public Schools is proud to acknowledge the dedicated service and contributions made by the members of the Alma Public Schools Board of Education:  Art McClintic, Mark Smoker, Eric Sanko, Dave Justin, Justin Barnaby, Kendra Overla, and Mike Bishop. 

Our school board members are just ordinary citizens – your friends and neighbors – with extraordinary dedication to our community and our children.  Alma Public Schools is fortunate to have these exceptionally talented and dedicated people leading our disitrct.  Every action they take is filtered through the lens of what is best for the commuinity of Alma Public Schools, and each student and staff who make up that community.  They spend hours in meetings and on committees, advocating for our schools and our students.

Our board of education establishes a vision for the education program, maintains the structure to achieve that vision, and provides accountability to the community. Each member is a strong advocate for continuous improvement in student learning. They study, discuss and research so that they can make informed decisions on countless complex issues.

The month of January marks the annual observance of School Board Recognition Month. This is a time to show our appreciation for how our local board works together to prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders. In January, join with others from throughout our district and state to salute those who provide grassroots governance of our public schools. We applaud them for their vision and their willingness to accept the responsibility of assuring Alma Public Schools is a "Great Place to Grow"!

Our School Board members deserve our thanks for their tireless dedication to the growth, development, and advancement of our Disitrct, our staff and our students:

Art McClinic, President

Mark Smoker, Vice President

David justin, Secretary

Mike Bishop, Treasurer

Kendra Overla, Trustee

Eric Sanko, Trustee

Justin Barnaby, Trustee