Welcome to Alma Public Schools Technology Resource Pages!

Over the past several years, Alma Public Schools has made great strides in integrating technology directly into the fabric of both our buildings and our curriculum. In modern society, technology isn't just a "tool" that we use ocassionally; it has become part of almost all of our daily life, from web-enabled cell phones, cars that tell us where to go (and when they have a problem), and almost instant communications via the many social networking technologies. Technology isn't a separate class or course, but rather a teaching and instructing tool that has been integrated directly into the curriculum for all appropiate areas of study.     

Technology department goals are outlined in the District Technology Plan.
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Alma Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy PDF Document



Michigan Tech standards are here :


Academic standards are here:



Current Projects:


  • iPads and Chromebooks!!!!
  • Getting everything ready for the M-step Testing window.
  • Various Chromebook carts deployed around the district.
  • Data integration...everywhere with everything.



Technology Vision Statement

Create and implement a community-wide, technology-driven information system that will enable the students of the Alma Public School District to maximize learning potential, to master all exit outcomes, to develop strong citizenship qualities, to become technological leaders, and to remain life-long learners.