Here are a few of the most common  issues we have been having with the RESD Online Assessments via Data Director:

Communication Error - Log off and log the student back in. This is a Data Director communications error, and is on "their end" of things.....the error message they display is somewhat ambigious, and many people seem to think that it is a network issues on "our end". It's not.

Students getting logged off the test before they are finished: avoid the drop down menus that say "go to question". These tests are purely web based, if the students try and navigate away from the active web page, they will probably be disconnected.

Students can't log in using their birthdays:  Use their UIC number (if it starts with 0 or 0s omit those)

Questions/Issues: Contact Heidi Aldrich at haldrich@giresd.net or 989-875-5101 ext. 2341

**if you have anything else to add here, tips, tricks, `gotchas, please let me know,**




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