This is where I will keep links, documents, and other "tech stuff" that may not need it own full page.


Playing with PDF's   --- splits multi page PDF's into single pages.  --- online editor for PDF documents. -- convert PDF documents to Word READMEPDF Document -- convert PDF to Word  -- PDF to Excel or Word  -- merges various Office Documents into a single PDF  -- combines several PDF documents into a single PDF  -- converts PDF's to Word/Excel/PPT etc. -- can convert PDF to Hi-Rez JPG -- merges several JPG's into one. -- convert PDF to Excel --- iTunes Word to PDF converter. An app for you iOS users. *free version is a little slow....1-1.5 hours to get PDF's. The full "fast" version is $5.99 -- converts PDF docs to Excel


 Online         --- online flowchart creation.    --- online OCR scanning.