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Alma Public Schools



Public Act 12 of 2014, modified the frequency and recording requirements for school safety drills.  The Act amends Sec 19 of the Fire Prevention Code and is effective July 1, 2014.  Schools must conduct at least:

  • Five fire drills per school year - three must take place before Dec. 1;
  • Two tornado safety drills per school year - at least one must take place in March; and
  • Three "lockdown" drills per school year, including security measures appropriate to an emergency "such as the release of hazardous material or the presence of a potentially dangerous individual on or near the premises." At least one of these drills must take place by Dec. 1, and at least one after Jan. 1.  There must be reasonable interval between each drill. 

Alma Public Schools Safety Drill Reports  

Alma Public Schools Emergency Operations Plan  PDF Document

Alma Public Schools Cardiac Emergency Response Plan PDF Document