Welcome to the Guidance Office

Help for Students Page!


The Guidance Office offers many different resources to help our students out from testing information to skills for after graduation.


In the menu to the right, under "Guidance Office Help for Students", you can find some helpful resources including:


In the "Guides & Requirements" tab, you can find the AHS curriculum guide, GI-Tech guide, dual enrollment information, as well as graduation requirements.


In the "Testing Information" tab, you can find resources on how to study for your upcoming SAT test. You can also find out when those test will be like SAT or AP testing. 


In the "Suicide Prevention Resources" tab,  you can find facts about teen suicide, resources about how to get help, and resources about how to help someone who may be suicidal. This can be a difficult situation to handle, however, one person can make a difference.


In the "College Preparation" tab, you can find information about the college application process, financial aid, and even scholarships that are being offered. 


In the "Life Skills" tab, you can find information and resources about skills for life after graduation. There is information about taxes, building credit, and even pursuing secondary education.