Getting Ready for College?


In the tabs to the right, you can find more information about financial aid and scholarships, resources, and life skill tips. 


  • In the "Financial Aid " tab, you can find information about how to apply for financial aid, tips for loan repayment, and more. 

  • In the "Scholarships" tab, you can find information about scholarships from different colleges and universities, how to apply for scholarships, and more. 


Some other helpful links are:


Through Parchment, you can find your transcript and be able to send it your school of choice as you are preparing for college.


Through Career Cruising, you can look at your schedule and be able to plan your schedule. 


On The Common Application, you can find help with college planning, applications, and beyond.


This program is designed to encourage students and veterns to prepare for college. Explore the site to learn more about the steps you need to take to be college-ready.


On Khan Academy, you can find the latest information and test prep for the SAT all in the same place.


On The Princeton Review, you can find test prep, tutors, and information about colleges.