For more information on financial aid, please visit these websites:


  • US Department of Education: Financial Aid

    • Here, you can find tips on how to pay for college, how to repay loans, and more from real Aid Professionals. 

  • Federal Student Aid

    • Through Federal Student Aid, you can start applying for your finanicial aid to help you pay for college. 

  • Filling out the FAFSA: Applying for Aid

    • Here, you can find helpful tips for how to apply for FASFA. There is help for students and parents who may have questions about applying. 

  • FinAid: The Smart Guide to Financial Aid

    • Here, you can find information about scholarships, loans, savings, and even military aid. This link can help you find out how much aid you might need, answer some question you might have about finanicial aid, and help you calculate college cost. 


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