Guides & Requirements


In the menu to the right, you will find under "Guides and Requirements," tabs with information about the AHS curriculum, GI-Tech program, and graduation requirement information. 


  • In the "AHS Curriculum Guide" tab, you can find information about the high school such as course offerings, requirements, eligibility, and special programs that Alma High School has to offer. If you would like to find out more infomation, please click there. 


  • In the "GI-Tech Program Guide" tab,  you can find out more information about that program. You can find out what courses are offered at the high school or at the Mt. Pleasant campus. You can also find information about the courses, as well as how to sign up for these classes. 


  • In the "Dual Enrollment Information & Guidelines" tab, you can find information about how to get into dual enrollment courses, what courses there are, and what the rules are once you are in a dual enrollment course. 


  •  In the "Graduation Requirements" tab, you will find out what classes you need in order to graduate in four years. It is broken down into how many credits you need in each subject. If you have any questions, talk to your counselors and they can help you. 


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