AHS Testing Dates


NWEA TESTING: All 9th and 10th graders will participate in NWEA testing in the fall, winter, and spring. Students will be tested in the areas of reading, language arts, and mathematics. The purpose of these tests is to gather data about students' learning over time. Both students and staff will utilize this data to develop both instructional and learning practices that will allow all students to reach their maximum potential. 


Junior class will take the SAT in April.


  • SAT - TBA

  • Work Keys - TBA


SAT Make-up Date:


  • TBA


ACT Test Dates:


  • Register at www.ACT.org


SAT Test Dates: 


  • Register at www.collegeboard.com


AP Dates are as Follows:


  • U.S. Gov't - May 6th, Morning

  • Physics - May 7th, Afternoon

  • Lit - May 8th, Morning

  • Calc - May 14th, Morning

  • Comparative Gov't - May 16th, Morning