Common Core State Standards

     Our mission is to ensure that all students achieve the essential outcomes and to continually challenge them to reach their highest potential in order to become life-long learners who strive for excellence; communicate effectively; value self, others, and the environment; solve problems; and contribute to their community in order to succeed in a changing world.


     Academic outcomes for middle school students are aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), written by Michigan Department of Education, as well as Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCEs).


2020-2021 Course Descriptions
6th Grade Course Descriptions
7th Grade Course Descriptions
8th Grade Course Descriptions

Common Core State Standards - Core Academic Subjects

English Language Arts

6-8 English Language Arts Common Core State Standards
A Crosswalk to the Michigan GLCE


6th Grade Mathematics Common Core State Standards
7th Grade Mathematics Common Core State Standards
8th Grade Mathematics Common Core State Standards


K-7 Complete Science Grade Level Content Expectations
8th Grade Earth Science

Social Studies

K-8 Social Studies Grade Level Content Expectations

State of Michigan Standards - Encore Academic Subjects

Art & Music

Michigan Standards, Benchmarks, and Grade Level Content Expectations for Visual Arts, Music, Dance, and Theater

Health Education

Grade 6 Content Expectations
Grades Seven & Eight Content Expectations

Physical Education

Grade 6 - Physical Education GLCE
Grade 7 - Physical Education GLCE
Grade 8 - Physical Education GLCE


6-8 Grade Michigan Technology Standards & Benchmarks

World Languages

K-12 World Languages Standards & Benchmarks



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