In an effort to come up with an orderly and uniform method of delivering your students safely to you at the end of the day,  last year a plan was put in place that seemed to do that. In the map above there is a description, but I would like to be more thorough here. 

Things to know:

1. The process requires patience. Thank you ahead of time for being patient.

2. If you have a 2nd and 3rd grader, follow the 2nd grade procedure. Both students will be there.

3. If you are picking up a 2nd grader, please pull into the east parking lot off of Court Ave. There may be a line as we help students get into cars, but once the process gets going things will speed up. Students will be waiting to be put into cars. 

4. If you are picking up a 3rd grader, please line up and pull around onto Elizabeth Street in front of the school. Students will leave the building through the end doors by the library and not the main entrance

Thank you ahead of time as we all learn the routine or get reacclimated to it.

John Helinski