2nd Grade


Ryder Vaughn

Ryder has grown so much in her reading and her math this year. She is making big leaps and bounds with her learning. She is respectful and willing to learn. There are times when she might get frustrated, but she can get herself back on track with little guidance from her teacher. I really enjoy having her in my class! Keep up the great work Ryder!


Adam Heath

Adam is a shining star student who is a role model to others. He has a wonderful positive attitude as well! He arrives every morning with a smile on his face, ready to learn. Adam is a great classmate and he demonstrates compassion and empathy for others. We are super lucky to have him as part of our classroom community. Way to go Adam!


Alyssa Cole

Our Student of the Month for November is Miss Alyssa Cole. Alyssa is a joy to have in the classroom. She works hard, contributes to class discussions, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to a classmate or the teacher. Alyssa can often be found demonstrating her ROARS and encourages others to do the same. We love having Alyssa in our classroom family. Great job, Alyssa!


Savannah Byers

Savannah is an incredibly hard worker. She shows up to school with a smile on her face everyday and is always eager to learn. She tries her best at everything she does and never gives up. Savannah is always helping others and is always respectful. She is a great role model for all of her classmates. Keep up the great work, Savannah!


Sofia Castillo

Sofia is our Star Student of the Month! Sofia works hard each and every day in the classroom. She is always up for a challenge and always willing to help her teacher and her classmates. Sofia is a great friend to others and always shows her ROARS in school. We are so proud of Sofia! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!


Parker Wilkins

Parker is a wonderful friend and student in our classroom. She is thoughtful and kind and always willing to help anyone in need. Parker has a heart of gold and treats everyone with respect. She works hard every day and sets a positive example for her peers. Great job, Parker! We are so proud to call you our friend!


MJ McCormick (Sowders)

MJ is always prepared and ready to learn in music. He is a great model for other students on instruments and in singing. He is engaged and always raising his hand to try something new and share his ideas! I love having you in music, MJ!


Emilia Combs

Emelia always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She is encouraging to her classmates and helpful to all. She always gives good effort and strives to improve. I am proud of Emelia!


Noah Leslie

Noah is a hard worker in Panther Math class. He always gives his best effort and is helpful to friends in class. Noah shows enthusiasm for learning and participates positively in all our activities. Keep up the great work!

3rd Grade


Jackson Mueller

Our November Star Student of the Month is Jackson Mueller. Jackson is a leader among his peers in many amazing ways! First, he is a kind friend to everyone in class and is always there to lend a helping hand. Jackson also contributes to classroom conversations positively and always wears a smile. Even when he is with some of his best friends, Jackson has the ability to "do the right thing" and lead by quiet example. His peers admire him for his trustworthiness, devotion as a friend and his tender heart. Did I also mention that he took down a big buck during hunting season this year?!?! We are so honored to have Jackson as a member of our class!


Zane Pope

Zane is always following his ROARS! He tries his best in everything he does and always has a positive attitude! He is a great role model and always kind to his peers.


Maliyah Ortiz

I am honored to announce that Maliyah Ortiz is my classroom's Star Student of the Month. Maliyah is a hard working third grade student. She always puts forth a lot of effort and quality in everything she does, especially her school work. She is a true learner as she learns from her mistakes and then corrects them. She is a good friend, a quiet leader and well respected by her peers. I can always count on Mayliyah's help in the classroom by picking up after others, or just be a responsible student. Maliyah always follows her ROARS and is a role model to others. Way to go Maliyah!


Anthony Hernandez

Anthony works hard every day in class. He is a role model for others by showing his ROARS! He is always attentive and eager to learn. I can count on him to always be listening and following directions. We are so lucky to have you in our classroom! Great job Anthony!


Curtis Toth

Our Star Student of the Month is Curtis Toth. He has earned this honor because of his hard work and eagerness to do his best every day at school. Curtis comes to school ready to learn each day with a positive attitude. I can always depend on Curtis to be the first person ready for each activity throughout the day. Curtis is a role model for being respectful to others by using his manners and willingness to help others. Keep up the great work, Curtis!


Myah Collison

Congratulations to Myah, our November Star Student. Myah is an excellent student and a great role model for our class. She completes all of her assignments and is eager to do more. Myah is always willing to help out a classmate and enjoys being a "buddy" to her peers. We are so lucky to have Myah as a leader in our room.


Braden Gillock (Graham)

Braden is a terrific student to have in class. I can count on him to listen and follow directions. He is kind and respectful to his classmates, and gives 100% effort during PE. Awesome job, Braden!


Ella Earegood

Ella is so kind and thoughtful. She truly cares about others, and is a considerate friend. She tries her best and works to improve. I am so thankful for Ella!