Congrats to our January Start Students of the Month!!!  Way to show your ROARS!!

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2nd Grade


Joshua Faber

Joshua is a hard-working student. He shows his ROARS every day and is a friend to everyone. He tries his best even when the work is hard. Keep up the good work Joshua.


Grant Leonard

Grant Leonard is our Star Student of the Month for January! Grant is very kind and considerate to others. He is a great example of Panther Pride! Grant arrives at school each day with a smile on his face ready to learn. Grant shows great initiative in helping others and is a wonderful example of excellent citizenship. It is wonderful having such a great role model in our classroom community.


Brady Catlin

Our Start Student of the Month for January is Mr. Brady Catlin! Brady is a kind student who comes to school everyday with a smile on his face. He loves to learn and is always willing to share his ideas. Brady is very willing to lend a helping hand and is great at keeping us on schedule. Thank you, Brady, for being an awesome kid! Keep it up!


Alyceanne Martinez

Alyceanne has worked incredibly hard this year. She loves to learn and has gained so much confidence in her abilities this year. She is a great friend and role model as well. Alyceanne is always willing to help others. She always tries her best and doesn't give up on an assignment until she knows it is her best quality work. We are so proud of Alyceanne!


Paul Guiett

Paul is our Star Student of the Month for January! Paul is always excited to come to school each day. He loves learning new things, sharing his knowledge, and working together with his friends. Paul is always courteous and cooperative. He strives to do his best in the classroom each day. We are proud of you, Paul! Congratulations!


Zahra Canning

Zahra is our AMAZING start student of the month! Zahra comes to school each day with a smile on her face. She loves to share her knowledge and advice with our entire class. Zahra is thoughtful, kind, and cooperative. She has many friends and always encourages her peers to do their best. Zahra is an excellent role model and her bright smile and warm hugs can brighten any day. Congratulations, Zahra! Keep being awesome!


Katelyn Pick

Katelyn has worked hard this year and has made wonderful progress. She is eager to learn and apply her new knowledge. She sets a great example for her peer.

3rd Grade


Griffin Slater

A big shout out to our Star Student of the Month; Mr. Griffin Slater! Griffin follows his ROARS each and every day, which makes him a wonderful example for others to follow. Griffin is a strong partner in class when asked to work with others. He is also one of the first to transition throughout the day and sets the tone in this way for our classroom. I'm so thankful to have the chance to work with Griffin this year!


Yaretzi Hernandez

Yaretzi is a kind and caring student and is always willing to help others. She is a hard worker and does her best in every situation. Even though she is very shy at times, she enjoys sharing her ideas and thoughts with the class. Yaretzi is a delight to have in our classroom!


Eveyln Gilbert

I could not be more proud than to nominate Evelyn as our classroom's STAR student of the month. Evelyn is a quiet girl who always is respectful to EVERYONE! She is the student who always remains in the classroom pushing in chairs, picking up the floors, plugging in the Chromebooks etc... I can always count on her to help out. She is consistently responsible, no matter the situation Evelyn always follows her ROARS and remains a model student. I am so thankful to have Evelyn in our classroom!


Koby Allen

Koby is a hard worker who tries his best in all he does. He is a great friend to others and always shows his ROARS. He is always smiling and has a positive attitude. Congratulations Koby and keep up the good work!


Myles Dancer

Our Star Student of the Month is Myles Dancer. Myles is a role model for our classroom because he listens, follows directions, and takes pride in his work. Myles completes his assignments neatly and thoroughly. He also accepts challenges with such a positive and cheerful attitude. Myles is kind and caring to students and adults. He is always the first one to offer to help someone, and his classmates truly appreciate him. Myles definitely deserves the honor of being the Star Student of the Month.


Isaiah Andrews

Congratulations to Isaiah, our Star Student for January! Isaiah is a kind boy who works hard. He is an eager participant in class discussions and does a great job following his ROARS. Isaiah is a good friend to classmates and very empathetic. We are so lucky to have him in our room.


Mariah Whitman

Mariah has risen to the challenges third grade brings and has made good progress this year. She works hard to follow her ROARS every day. I am excited to see how far her hard work can take her this year.


Mariah Hiltz

Mariah has a positive attitude during math groups and Panther Math class. She is excited to share what she learns in class and eager to participate. Even when work is hard, Mariah takes risks and keeps trying!! I am proud of her efforts and love seeing her enthusiasm in the classroom! Keep up the great work!


Kateyann Bass(Faustmann)

Katey is a great leader to have in class. She always chooses to be kind! Katey is a sweet young lady, who greets people with a smile. During PE class she gives her best effort, and I can count on Katey to do her job. Thanks for being you, Katey!


Alyssia Jason (Graham)

Alyssia is always following her ROARS in Music. She always does her job and takes care of our instruments and resources. I am always impressed with the example she sets for others and the effort she puts into her learning. Great job, AJ!