Congrats to our March Star Students of the Month!!!  They did a great job of showing their ROARS!!!

Star Student Introduction Video


Rogers/Kindel-Kyrie Jankowski

Kyrie has been chosen for our March Star Student of the Month! Kyrie has always been willing to help other students and always tries her best when doing her work. Kyrie shows her ROARS every day. Kyrie is a role model to other students in the classroom and treats everyone with respect and kindness. Keep up the outstanding work, Kyrie. We can't wait to watch you grow!

Sowders-Paizley Snow

Paizley is our Star Student this month. Paizley is a great friend to others and is a wonderful role model to others. She works hard every day and enjoys learning new things. Paizley is an excellent helper. She truly loves working with other students! She is often the first person to volunteer to assist a classmate. It is a great pleasure having Paizley as part of our community. You are awesome Paizley!

Sandro-Jacob Snyder

Jacob is our Star Student for the month of March. Jacob has a great personality. His laugh is very contagious. When he laughs, you just can't help but laugh with him. He is a hard worker and wants everyone to do their best. He is very willing to help others. Keep up the good work, Jacob!

Trefil-Kadence Otto

Kadence Otto is our star student of the month! Kadence shows up every day with a smile on her face and is ready to learn. Kadence practices her ROARS and is an excellent role model for her classmates. She is kind to others and always willing to help someone out. She gives her best at everything she does. We are so proud of Kadence!

Hancock-Trenton Hamp

Trenton is our Student of the Month! Trenton always does his best in the classroom. At home, he reads multiple books each night just to make sure his reading stays sharp. Trenton has worked hard to reach his goals in school! Trenton is always respectful to adults and to students here at school. He is an excellent example of a kind, respectful, and hard-working student here at Hillcrest! Congratulations, Trenton!

Vozar-Jaxon Simcox

Jaxon is a wonderful role model and friend to everyone in our classroom. He works hard, always helps a friend in need, and sets a great example. Jaxon gives 100% effort in everything he does. He works hard at home and at school to reach his goals. Jaxon is continually kind, courteous, and respectful. He has shown tremendous growth this year and we are proud to call him our friend. You are amazing, Jaxon! Keep up the great work!

Rogers-Khloe Denz

Khloe comes to class ready to work. She always has a positive attitude. She is kind and respectful to her classroom peers. She goes above and beyond every day. Thank you, Khloe for being a great example. 

Hancock-Venessa Goetz

Venessa is kind, respectful, and always ready to learn. She works very hard, and has such a positive attitude. She loves to help others, and is a shining example of a Star Student!

PE-Briana Alward (Trefil)

Briana brings positive energy everywhere she goes! I love hearing her stories of exercising outside of PE class. During class, I can count on Briana to give her best effort and participate, along with being respectful to others. Keep up the great work, Briana!

Music-Jeremiah Hutchinson (Vozar)

Jeremiah has worked hard on following directions and taking care of our instruments. He is always putting in so much effort and comes to class with an inquisitive mind. Jeremiah is patient in music class and he is always working hard to do his best!


Wickes-Mason Seeley

Mason is our Star Student of the Month!  Mason is a sweet young man whose kind nature is always evident.  Mason loves to read with his friends in class and works well with others.  It has been a pleasure to see Mason's confidence grow as he participates in many daily activities such as gym class and the pledge of allegiance.  Mason- you are amazing buddy!  Keep up the great work!

Russell-Carli Kelsey

Carli is a hard worker and is kind and caring to everyone. She loves to learn and has improved in all areas She is a great friend and role model to everyone and is always willing to help. She helps other students when they are struggling and she helps the adults in our classroom as well. Carli is one of the nicest, most caring students and we are proud to have her as our March Student of the Month!

Russell-Braxton Hubbard

Braxton is a respectful third-grader and always ready to learn in class. Not only is Braxton a hard worker, but he asks great questions, and participates positively in class every day. Keep up the great work!

Faustmann-Pippa Hudecz

It is my ultimate pleasure to nominate Pippa as our Student of the Month. It goes without saying that Pippa has come a long way this year. She has continually worked hard to achieve her success. Pippa is a kind and gentle girl who has the "heart of gold". She is a good friend to all her classmates and respectful to all adults in the building as well. Her smile lightens up the room which is contagious to all around her. Congratulations Pippa!!!!

Graham-Cambree Newville

Cambree is our Star Student of the Month. Cambree is always on task listening to directions and completing her work. She has been working hard in class and continues to grow every day. She is a great friend and is very kind to everyone. She is respectful to all students and adults. Thank you for being such a great example in our classroom. Keep up the good work!

Carroll-Jacob Taylor

Jacob Taylor has definitely earned the honor of being the Star Student of the Month for our classroom. Jacob is definitely a role model for our classroom. He always gives a great amount of effort on every assignment and he has a positive attitude, even when he is presented with a challenge. Jacob is always one of the first students to offer his help to both adults and other students. He is very respectful and kind to anyone he is with, both students and staff. Jacob always follows directions, works independently, and is eager to learn. He is doing amazing work in third grade!

Carroll-Ethan Claudio-Myers

Ethan is so eager to learn! He is always willing to help others, and he shows his ROARS every day. He asks questions, he listens, and he shares his knowledge openly. We are so glad Ethan joined us at Hillcrest!

Hanson-Aliyas Boulama

It makes me happy to announce that Aliyas Boulama is our March Star Student of the Month.  Aliyas has such a positive attitude.  He enters the classroom each day with a smile on his face and is ready to learn.  He does not need to be reminded to get out his things and get to work.  Aliyas always puts forth his best effort and is eager to help others as well.  He reads like a maniac and is one of our AR points leaders.  Way to go, Aliyas!