Congratulations to the Pine Avenue April students of the month! These students are being recognized for their effort, improvement, attitude, and leadership amongst other characteristics! Way to go! 

Mr. Case - Roberto Barnaby 
Roberto is always trying to do his best, no matter what the assignment is. He is very competitive but finds ways to include others. He will be a great athlete at the middle school level as well as a good leader in class.

Mrs. Engel - Payton Bryner
Payton is a hard worker who has made good progress this year. Her attendance has improved, and she does a wonderful job using her ROARS, helping others and being a good friend. Way to go Payton!

Mrs. Fornusek - Gracie Smith
Gracie is a model 5th grader! She is kind to her classmates and respectful to all teachers and staff. She always works hard and gives everything her best effort. Gracie makes our classroom and our school a better place just by being here. Great job, Gracie! Keep being amazing!!

Mr. Kemler - Tristan Reinstra
Tristan has really made good progress and gains this year. He is a diligent worker who tries his best. His effort shines forth with the quality of his work. Keep up the good work Tristan!

Mr. Nevins - Landon Courter
Landon is continuing to become a more responsible young man. He takes his work seriously and is always checking in on his behaviors and how to improve himself. Keep up the great work, Landon! I'm proud of you!

Mrs. Oswald - Evan Helinski
Evan is always working hard and uses his best effort to complete quality work. He is always looking out for classmates and ensures that all students feel a part of our class. He is a good role model for others when it comes to making the right decision. Keep up the good work, Evan!

Mrs. Adams - Jessamine Monroe
Jessamine works hard in all subjects! She has made amazing growth in math this year! She was also a leader during March is Reading Month. So proud of all the reading Jessamine has completed! She works well with her book club members and just loves books! It has been a joy to have Jessamine in class!

Mrs. Stephens - Cody Krebs
Cody works hard and is a great friend and student. He is a super spectacular reader and is usually reading in his free time. Cody is crazy about chickens!! Thanks Cody for being a great kid!

Ms. June - Payton Wilhelm
Payton is a hard working young lady and an excellent friend to others. She always takes her time and completes her work with quality and precision. Payton is always willing to help others whenever help is needed. Great job Payton!

Mrs. Adkins - Ruby Martinez
Ruby is a hard worker and a good friend. She perseveres when things don't go her way, and shows great resiliency! She is always willing to help staff members or other students. She is creative and thoughtful, and can always be counted on to have an insightful observation. Thanks for being an amazing pre-fifth grader, Ruby!

Mrs. Lowe - Kaleb Wing
Kaleb works hard to always try his best. He is kind and responsible. Great job showing your ROARS.

Ms. Wilson - Olivia Stoneman
Olivia is a hard worker in all subjects. She has made a lot of growth this year. Olivia is a classroom leader, and one that students and adults can depend on. Keep up the great work Liv!

Mrs. Salisbury - Allison Zender
Allison does such a great job in music. She is always ready to learn, is a great role model, and is kind and helpful to her classmates. I know that I can always count on her. Great job, Allison!

Mrs. Terres - Mallory Miller
Mallory does a fantastic job in PE. She is always giving 100% effort, is kind to her classmates, and shows great sportsmanship! Mallory is always willing to work with anyone in her class with a smile on her face! Way to go Mallory!

Congratulations to all of these students and their families!  Keep up the excellent work!