som certificate

Today we are announcing our final Pine Avenue Students of the month for the 2021-22 school year! These students are being recognized for their effort, improvement, attitude, and leadership qualities! Congratulations to the following students!   

Mr. Case - Joshua Cruz
Josh is a great student to have in class. He always asked questions and finds ways to produce quality work. He has a kind heart and often helps other students that are feeling down. He will do well with whatever path he chooses.

Mrs. Engel  - Payton Bryner
Payton is kind and helpful. She has a great sense of humor and looks out for others. When choosing groups, she makes sure no one is left out. She also comforts others in need, and tries to cheer them up. She is a great addition to our classroom. Payton, we appreciate you!

Mrs. Fornusek- Conner Guernsey
Conner is a thoughtful and kind-hearted young man. He is always helpful and very patient when working with peers. He works hard to do his best and to set a good example for his classmates. Conner's calm demeanor has a positive impact on our class every day. Way to go, Conner!

Mr. Kemler - Tessa Heeke
Tessa has grown leaps and bounds this year. She is continually improving the quality of her learning by working hard, completing assignments in a timely manner, and giving her best effort. Her dedication and good work ethic will take her far in life.

Mr. Nevins - Abe Wickes
Abe has worked extremely hard on his academics and self as an individual. The improvements he made this past year are significant. His confidence with academics is boosting! His maturity is bringing out the leadership qualities that are within, which helps his peer relationships, too. Abe is full of character and brings many laughs to our classroom. I'm very proud of you, Abe, and thankful to have had you as a student! Keep up the good work!

Mrs. Oswald - Kylee Cook
Kylee is a great student to have in class. She is wonderful at asking for help when she finds herself unsure of what or how to complete an assignment. Kylee also follows her ROARS daily. She is kind and courteous to all students, inside and outside of the classroom. Keep up the great work, Kylee!

Mrs. Adams - Ty Foesz
Ty has grown so much as a student this school year! He always uses his ROARS and is kind & helpful to his classmates and teacher! Ty looks out for others and asks great questions. Keep up the good work as you move into 5th grade!

Mrs. Stephens - Ava Sylvester
Ava is an amazing student! She is always friendly and shows her ROARS! Even if Ava is quiet all the kids know she is a great friend.

Ms. June - Logan Pickelmann
Logan is a wonderful young man. He is always willing to help out a classmate or do extra things in the classroom. Great job Logan!

Mrs. Adkins - Jeremiah Gilkins
Jeremiah has been an awesome fourth grader this year! He has consistently worked hard, showed ALL his ROARS every day, and brought his best. He's going to be an amazing fifth grader!

Mrs. Lowe - Charles Mitchell
Charles has shown great improvement in all areas this year. He has read over 5 million words. Great job!

Ms. Wilson - Calin Swisher
Calin has grown so much this school year. The growth that he has made has been amazing to see! Calin always shows his ROARS. Keep up the great work in 5th grade Cal!

Mrs. Salisbury - Faith DePriest
Faith has grown so much in confidence and maturity throughout this year. She is always excited for music class and always gives her best effort. She is respectful and responsible and encourages her classmates. It has been such a great experience having Faith in our class.

Mrs. Terres - Ryley Rutledge
Ryley has grown so much this year in Physical Education Class. I'm so proud of his improvement and hard work this past month. He is always willing to help with extra jobs as well!