som certificate

Congratulations to our March Students of the Month! These students were chosen for this honor based on their behavior, effort, and overall performance. We are so proud of them! 

Mr. Case - Lilyann Dent
Lilyann is a great choice for student of the month. She is a leader in everything that she does. She is always willing to help others and finds ways to include those that need support. She is a very hard worker and produces fantastic work.

Mrs. Engel - Faith Depriest
Faith is a wonderful student! She is an enthusiastic learner who works hard and is always willing to help others. We love her positive attitude! Well done, Faith!

Mrs. Fornusek - Blake Smith
Blake is a conscientious and hard working student. He is a huge help in the classroom and a great friend to others. Blake consistently demonstrates responsibility and shows respect for all. Keep up the good work, Blake!

Mr. Kemler - Annaleise Ives
Annaleise is a hard working student. She brings joy and excitement to the classroom while also putting forth good effort! She is kind and thoughtful to her classmates and helps those who need support. She works hard every day and always gives her best effort!

Mr. Nevins - Liv Huff
Liv is a hard working student who is always putting in her 100%! Liv has a fun sense of humor and is always providing our class with a good laugh. Liv is also a classmate who is always practicing and modeling her ROARS.

Mrs. Oswald - Aubrey Bush
Aubrey is a very hard worker. She always shows kindness to her classmates and practices her ROARS daily. Way to go Aubrey!

Mrs. Adams - Zander Zombeck
Zander is a thoughtful, caring student who looks out for his classmates whether it is in the face to face setting, or in the remote Zoom setting. He is a leader when it comes to science and helps during science labs. Thanks for being YOU, Zander! Your teacher & classmates appreciate you & your love for learning!

Mrs. Stephens - Clara Ewan
Clara is a great student! She is always willing to help and loves to help others when needed. Clara is a rockstar in all subjects. She is a great reader! Clara is kind and thoughtful. Thanks for being you!!!

Ms. June - Donny Brake
Donny is a highly motivated learner. He works hard to do each and every job to his highest quality. He is helpful to his classmates. He is always willing to lend a hand with whatever has got them stumped.

Mrs. Adkins - Skyler Jankowski
Skyler is a great fourth grader. He gives his work his best effort daily, and is a good friend to others. He is making nice improvements in being an attentive learner and a respectful listener. Thanks for being awesome!

Mrs. Lowe - Lilyana Reinsmith
Lilyana's perseverance and hard work have helped her make tremendous progress this year. She never quits and keeps trying until she "gets it." Great job.

Ms. Wilson - Maelin Evitts
Maelin is a thoughtful, bright young lady. She refuses to give up on her work, and often helps others when needed or asked. Maelin has made so much growth this school year, and continues to follow her ROARS in the classroom and around Pine Avenue. Great job Mae!

Mrs. Salisbury - Addison Smith
Addison is such a hard worker in music class. She follows her ROARS and is always engaged. Addison is kind, helpful, and always giving her best effort. Awesome job, Addison!

Mrs. Terres - Taylor Sandro
Taylor shows great sportsmanship in PE class. She gives 100% effort in everything she does, works well with her classmates, and sets a high standard for her classmates to follow.

Ms. Culp - Kristopher Smith
Kristopher rocked out reading month and has grown immensely as a reader! He is also a very kind person and is always willingly to help his classmates and teachers.

Keep up the excellent work! I cannot wait to see who is nominated for April. Keep practicing your ROARS and being great friends to others.