Mrs. Sarah Mikulka is one of the Title 1 and lunch supervision paraprofessionals at Pine Avenue. She loves working with kids and her coworkers. In her spare time, which can be difficult to find as she is almost always at an event with her children, she loves singing at church (and can sometimes be found belting out a great rendition of "Happy Birthday" in the hallways!) You may not know that Mrs. Mikulka is in school, working on earning her teaching certificate and she is also learning to play the piano. 

The best advice she has been given was when a co-worker said, "You can't save them all." This motivated Mrs. Mikulka to be the best she can with the students she works with daily. She said, "I may not be able to save them all, but some will be inspired by my words or actions. I'll never give up." 

Thanks, Mrs. Mikulka! We appreciate all you do for all of our students!