We hope your families had a great holiday weekend! Grab your copy of Saving Winslow and listen to chapters 33 & 34, read by Ms. Shaw. https://youtu.be/fkVQuX4BxyE
about 11 hours ago, Angie Adams
Reading chapters 31 & 32 today is Ms. McKowen. We hope you have a FANTASTIC holiday weekend! https://youtu.be/XGjUeSe-vSU
6 days ago, Angie Adams
Join us for chapters 29-30 of Saving Winslow, read today by Mrs. Adams, Pine Avenue principal. https://youtu.be/3G3j0fdSAow
7 days ago, Angie Adams
We are excited to announce that Mrs. Nevins will be joining the Pine Avenue team for part of the day! Our students and staff are so lucky to have her as a part of our building. Her knowledge and expertise in student support will be beneficial to our students! Welcome, Mrs. Nevins!
8 days ago, Angie Adams
Today, Rachel Fornusek, Pine Avenue alumna and current AHS student, is reading chapters 27 & 28. https://youtu.be/OcTLm8ut0xc
8 days ago, Angie Adams
Thanks to Mrs. Stephens, we get to listen to chapters 25-26! Enjoy today's reading! https://youtu.be/yR6GQdunLsY
9 days ago, Angie Adams
Pine Avenue is excited to welcome Ms. Sowders to the team! Ms. Sowders has taken on the role of MTSS Coordinator at Pine Avenue and will be working to support students and staff in various ways as APS strengthens systems of academic and behavioral supports. We are thankful for her expertise and look forward to having her in the building! Welcome, Ms. Sowders!
10 days ago, Angie Adams
Pine Avenue is excited to welcome Mrs. Irvin to our building! Mrs. Irvin will be the Pine Avenue Literacy Coach, helping our staff and students with the implementation of the new English Language Arts program, Bookworms. She will work closely with the literacy coaches at Luce Road and Hillcrest as we continue strengthening systems and instruction at APS! Welcome Mrs. Irvin!
13 days ago, Angie Adams
Today's chapters of Saving Winslow are being read to us by Mrs. Adkins! Enjoy!! https://youtu.be/s-mLm8UwCpU
13 days ago, Angie Adams
Joining the 5th grade team next year, but not new to APS, is Mr. Stevenson! We are looking forward to having him as a part of the Pine Avenue staff! Welcome to Pine Avenue, Mr. Stevenson!
14 days ago, Angie Adams
Today's reader is Mrs. Fornusek. Enjoy chapters 21-22! https://youtu.be/RJFJ7iz_MXY
14 days ago, Angie Adams
Thank you to the whole crew working hard at Pine Avenue this summer! We’ve got lots of work happening through our halls!
15 days ago, Angie Adams
Mrs. Engel is sharing her love of reading with us today by reading chapters 19 & 20. We hope you're loving the book as much as we are! https://share.vidyard.com/watch/f4FTjQWSfQb9YMLsyfyDqY
15 days ago, Angie Adams
Mrs. Hohlbein is today's reader. Enjoy chapters 17-18! https://youtu.be/YxpcBeaJYnI
15 days ago, Angie Adams
Welcome, Ms. Stephanie Hoyt, to the APS team! Ms. Hoyt will be teaching in our elementary special education department. Having taught for the last 6 years in Montabella, she has had many different experiences that will enhance the educational experience for our students. Her enthusiasm and passion for education is contagious! We cannot wait to have Ms. Hoyt get started! Welcome to APS!
19 days ago, Angie Adams
Join us for chapters 15 & 16 of Saving Winston today! Ms. Shaw from Pine Avenue is our guest reader. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/yByFrXvd-KY
19 days ago, Angie Adams
Mrs. Oswald, 5th grade teacher, is reading chapters 13 & 14 of Saving Winston today. We hope your family is enjoying the book as much as we are!! https://share.vidyard.com/watch/vhiuNb8LXyWD1mkbczmtWg?
20 days ago, Angie Adams
Pine Avenue is welcoming a few new members to the teaching staff this summer. We are excited to have them join the APS team and introduce them to all of you! Mr. Dan Taylor will be teaching 4th grade in the 2022-2023 school year. He comes to us with 9 years prior teaching experience in upper elementary in the Indianapolis area. He has lived in Alma for the past 4 years with his wife and 4 children, all of whom are Alma Panthers! Welcome aboard, Mr. Taylor!
21 days ago, Angie Adams
Ms. Wilson, 4th grade teacher, is reading chapters 11-12 with us today. We are enjoying reading this with you! https://youtu.be/779_TeW5ERQ
21 days ago, Angie Adams
Wow! The first week of summer vacation is already behind us! We cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by! We'll be reading chapters 9-10 in Saving Winslow today with Mr. Nevins, 5th grade teacher. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/PoyqBy77Ng0
22 days ago, Angie Adams