Alma Public School Enrollment Information

Alma Public Schools requires various forms, signed documents, and methods of identification to be filled out prior to the enrollment of new or re-enrolling students.

Some of these forms may require submission yearly to maintain enrollment in Alma Public Schools. Failure to fill out these forms and submit the required documents could result in a rejection of enrollment or could cause an existing student to be unenrolled.

These forms allow Alma Public Schools to meet State requirements as well as provide for the safety of students and school staff.

Alma Public Schools’ process for collection of these forms is through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Specific directions are emailed to parents/guardians upon completion of the initial Pre-Registration form.

Technology support is made available to help in the creation of and access to the Parent Portal account. Internet-connected devices are available in the school office for on-site access to the Parent Portal.

To begin the enrollment process, please follow the link to the Alma Public School Pre-Registration page.

follow this link to the Pre-Registration Page

We have created an easy to follow "Pre-Registration & Enrollment Forms Process" document.

Click on the image below to see / download the full document

Enrollment directions

*accommodations may be made for extenuating circumstances where paper forms/signatures will be accepted