Parent Teacher Student Connect

Alma Public Schools (APS) values and prioritizes the home-school connection.  

APS adopted a standard communication tool this school year, emphasizing regular communication and establishing common parent reference documents.

Family involvement helps promote positive outcomes for students.  When a child knows that parents and teachers are regularly working together, the child will see that education is a high priority.   Teachers hope to generate goal-orientated conversations based on a common commitment and effort to establish similar school expectations.

Please use the APS app to reach out, stay in touch, or meet with your child’s teacher(s) during scheduled meetings.  Parents should make connections, build relationships, and strengthen their child’s outcomes by contacting their child’s teacher(s) on a regular basis.

In addition to daily access, APS will offer three (3) Parent Teacher Connection Nights.  The parent-teacher connection nights are different from traditional parent-teacher conferences.  Each building will promote and advertise its specific family meetings and events each trimester.   

If you need assistance navigating the APS app or contacting your child’s teacher, please do not hesitate to call the appropriate building office.